Vet Instrument Sharpening in San Diego, CA

Veterinarians rely on properly sharpened blades, clippers and surgical instruments to take care of household pets and large animals. To provide the ultimate level of care, vets need quality blades sharpened to maximum precision and kept in the best possible shape.

Larson Sharpening, Inc. provides instrument and clipper sharpening in San Diego, CA to veterinarians on-site at their locations.

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Clipper Repair

We don’t only sharpen instruments, though. We also repair clippers! If your clippers are starting to give you trouble or just don’t work as well as they used to, we’ll take a look and replace any parts necessary to get them up and running like new. With your clippers running smoothly and your blades sharpened to perfection, you’ll have no trouble treating the animals that come through your door.

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